Data breach notification

Dear Valued Client,


We regret to inform you that we have suffered a data breach of our hardcopy files and your personal information was contained therein.

1. Data Breach

On 27 July 2022, a Metrofile truck containing 96 boxes of Fredd’s hardcopy files was hijacked. Metrofile informed Fredd on 28 July 2022 that the truck has been hijacked and cannot be located. Metrofile confirmed that the truck was hijacked with the 96 boxes of Fredd’s hardcopy files. The 96 boxes were collected from Fredd on 27 July 2022 and were destined for archiving. Metrofile has informed Fredd that the matter has been reported to the South African Police Service.

2. The Personal Information involved

The data accessed included the following of Fredd’s Clients’ personal information:
● First and last names;
● Contact/telephone numbers;
● ID numbers;
● Physical Address;
● Postal Address;
● Email Address;
● Marital Status;
● Bank Account details.


3. The consequences of the Security Compromise:

There may be a possibility of Identity Theft, Fraudulent activities, Scam Calls and Marketing Calls that were not consented too.


4. Measures that Fredd undertakes to address the security compromise:

No measures can currently be taken by Fredd in relation to this incident. Metrofile has informed Fredd that their tracking Company and the South African Police Service are attempting to locate the vehicle. Fredd will provide feedback on any relevant information received.


5. Recommendation to our Data Subjects to mitigate the effects of the possible misuse of their personal information:

We recommend that you keep track of your phone, bank accounts, email addresses, physical addresses and postal addresses for any signs of fraudulent activity.
We regret that this incident occurred and are uncertain as to whom the unauthorised individuals are and if the data has even been accessed. We shall notify you of any significant developments in our ongoing investigation.

Kind regards,

Fredd Fibre