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Enjoy the best entertainment with fast fibre Internet from Fredd!


The needs of families differ vastly. From people just wanting to surf the Internet, to people wanting to relax in front of a good movie, to people who are getting lost in the world of gaming. We cater for every need with fibre that is fast and reliable!

Choose A Fibre Package

10Mbps Fibre

R 605 / month
  • Ideal For 1 - 3 Users
  • Basic Internet Usage
  • For The Couple

20Mbps Fibre

R 780 / month
  • Ideal For 3 - 5 Users
  • Active Internet Usage
  • For The Family

50Mbps Fibre

R 892 / month
  • Ideal For 5 - 7 Users
  • Heavy Internet Usage
  • For The Millennials

100Mbps Fibre

R 1007 / month
  • Ideal For 7+ Users
  • Serious Internet Usage
  • For The Gamers


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